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An MSA Overview

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The Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) platform builds on the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) specifications that have come before it, including the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), and Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI). As the wireless device market continues to evolve and incorporate new technology and services - from Bluetooth to vector graphics to Web services - in mass-market handsets, there is demand to create a platform that standardizes on those new technologies. The broad adoption and success of MIDP and CLDC in the mobile device market, followed by the success of the JTWI platform, is now being superseded by the next wireless industry-defined standard, MSA.

The following interactive image shows the current technologies and JSRs that are part of the Mobile Service Architecture. Select a JSR to go to a page with more information, articles, source code and related links about the technology.

MSA Overview

Mobile Service Architecture API Technology


JSR 248 1.0

Reference Implementation:
The JSR 248 reference implementation (RI) can be licensed from Sun to verify proper setup of the JSR 248 TCK. For more information about licensing terms, please contact Sun's Java Partner Engineering group.

For application developers wanting to test their application against a complete and compliant JSR 248 implementation, the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC will provide support in a future release.

Technology Compatibility Kit:
The JSR 248 technology compatibility kit (TCK) can be licensed from Sun to certify a JSR 248 implementation on a specific platform. For more information about licensing terms, please contact Sun's Java Partner Engineering group.

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