Channel-Independent Stock Ticker

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Channel-Independent Stock Ticker

Stock ticker

Jessica watches her stock portfolio closely. She knows that an economic sneeze in Brazil propels shock waves around the globe while a casual remark at dinner by Alan Greenspan sends day traders scurrying to buy or sell.

Jessica doesn't have anything in particular to worry about today, but she likes to keep an eye on her stocks, even when she watches TV. On this Thursday night, she turns on the TV, tunes into a local news show, and selects the stock ticker applet from her customized control bar. A translucent stock ticker banner labeled "My Stocks" appears above the control panel. Her portfolio of stocks scrolls by with the latest report, which is frequently updated unless the market is closed.

Underneath the first banner is a second one labeled "NASDAQ." As the NASDAQ stocks scroll by, one high-tech stock catches Jessica's eye. But where's the remote control? Oops, she's sitting on it. Jessica digs out the remote, scrolls back to the stock she saw, then moves that stock into the "My Stocks" banner so she can monitor it over the next few weeks.

Although Jessica turns the channel to watch her favorite drama, her stock ticker remains on screen. When she has had enough of the stock market, Jessica uses her remote to hide the scrolling stock banners.

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