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The Java TV Developers Community on is dedicated to sharing technologies and information that enable the creation of interactive TV applications. This community aims to provide tutorials and information for developers who are involved with the interactive TV industry, and who wish to learn more about the current crop of open standards.


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"We believe that Java is one of the key software technologies for digital TV. The Java TV API will be an important addition to the technology portfolio that will be available for future Matsushita products. We support Java TV API along with other proposed TV-related industrial standards", said Yoshiaki Kushiki, Director, Multimedia Development Center of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Contact: Ikuo Minakata
Phone: +81-6-904-7149


"Java technology provides a natural de-coupling layer that allows the content industry to create compelling applications in a stable and rich environment, while enabling suppliers like Philips to independently evolve the underlying product architectures, providing continuous improvement in functionality, performance and product integration. Therefore, Philips is pushing forward in this direction in a direct dialog with Java TV API, as well as by contributing in various established standardization bodies," said Roel Kramer, chief technology officer, Philips Consumer Electronics.

Company Contact: Alty van Luijt
Phone: +31-40-2737216


"Sony will play an active role in the development of Java TV API and hopes to contribute to the activities of open standards bodies such as Digital Video Broadcasting. We bring a unique combination of electronics products and technologies, pictures, TV programming and music content. Our strengths in these areas, along with our experience in establishing open worldwide standards, will enable implementations of the Java TV API to offer innovative content to consumers in the U.S. digital television market," said Gary Myer, president of Digital Network Solutions Company of America, a division of Sony Electronics.

Company Contact: Yuji Kohga
Phone: +81-3-5448-6960


"LG Electronics is excited about the opportunity to work with Sun Microsystems to create an API specifically for the digital television market. We believe Java technology will help accelerate time to market and enhance innovation in the marketplace," said Woo Hyun Paik, chief technology officer of LG Electronics. "Sun's intention to create an API for digital television by working with standards bodies, will bring Java technologies' 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' benefits to the digital television market."

Company Contact: Mark Simpson
Phone: 609-716-3501


"We're excited about working with and supporting Sun Microsystems in creating an API especially for the digital television market," says Tim Warren of Hongkong Telecom. "Hongkong Telecom currently has a Java technology-based Interactive Television system deployed to 80,000 homes in Hong Kong. "As a service provider we expect to be able to benefit directly from the availability of third party content built upon this standard platform."

Company Contact: Tim Warren
Phone: 011-852-2883-9451


"We are pleased to work with and support the Sun Microsystems PersonalJava technology to extend our proven DVB compliant Interactive TV software offerings for set-top boxes and digital televisions. Our large global customer base will benefit from the upgrade roadmap that will include Java technology, enhancing their ability to develop and deliver a greater range of services that take advantage of widely adopted Internet standards" said Jan Steenkamp, chief executive officer for OpenTV, Inc. "The large Java developer community and the enormous market of digital television, will accelerate the development of an entirely new class of applications and services focused on the living room and the enhancement of television entertainment."

Company Contact: Mary Montes
Phone: 650-429-5556


"Through its marketing efforts of digital set top boxes, Toshiba comes to believe in the necessity for a standard Java API to control digital media streams. Toshiba welcomes standardization of broadly supported APIs such as the Java TV API, which will help to accelerate the launch of the new market," said Naotake Kurotsu, general manager, Computer & Network Products Division, Toshiba Corporation

Company Contact: Taro Nakamura
Phone: 011-813-3457-2649