Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 6u60 release:

Bug ID Component Sub-Component Description
 8019201  client-libs 2d Regression: java.awt.image.ConvolveOp throws java.awt.image.ImagingOpException
 6550588  client-libs java.awt java.awt.Desktop cannot open file with Windows UNC filename
 6660258  client-libs java.awt Java application stops Windows logout/shutdown
 6758673  client-libs java.awt WeakReference leak in Window.ownedWindowList
 6829858  client-libs java.awt JInternalFrame is not redrawing heavyweight children properly
 7200974  client-libs java.awt Bad parent given in NativeInLightFixer (Component.java)
 8001170  client-libs java.awt Regression : Appli. hangs when returns from shutdown confirmation window
 8005607  client-libs java.awt Recursion in J2DXErrHandler() Causes a Stack Overflow on Linux
 8020983  client-libs javax.imageio OutOfMemoryError caused by non garbage collected JPEGImageWriter Instances
 8004711  client-libs javax.sound Remove old (beatnik) 6uXX sound engine
 6671481  client-libs javax.swing NPE at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTreeUI$Handler.handleSelection
 7003777  client-libs javax.swing Nonexistent html entities not parsed properly
 8003830  client-libs javax.swing NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI.Actions when getPathBounds returns null
 6523983  core-libs java.lang (process) Raise Windows pipe buffer size (win)
 6631966  core-libs java.lang (process) Raise Windows pipe buffer size an extra 24 bytes (win)
 7176784  core-libs java.net Windows authentication not working on some computers
 8009650  core-libs java.net HttpClient available() check throws SocketException when connection has been closed
 8013140  core-libs java.net Heap corruption with NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress() and long i/f name
 8008386  core-libs java.nio.charsets (cs) Unmappable leading should be decoded to replacement
 8001620  core-libs java.sql Report builder crash due to unresolved sqlallocenv in jdk6 libjdbcodbc.so
 8009767  core-libs java.sql General error loses important information
 8020054  core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2013d
 6625723  core-libs java.util.concurrent Excessive ThreadLocal storage used by ReentrantReadWriteLock
 8015570  core-libs java.util:i18n Use long comparison in Rule.getRules()
 7155499  deploy deployment_toolkit Rebuilt soft referenced signing data in CacheEntry and CachedJarFile could become inconsistent
 7193889  deploy deployment_toolkit 1.7.0_06 update causes random "trust level" SecurityExceptions in checkResource
 8007528  deploy deployment_toolkit Jre 1.6.0_34 or higher can not read proxy.pac normally
 7060523  deploy plugin Loading applet-JARs with SSL and client authentication causes concurrentModificationException throws
 8010636  deploy plugin User responsibilities are not updated with all clsid's with jre 6u32 and higher
 6967414  deploy webstart Loading class randomly throws java.lang.SecurityException
 8012704  deploy webstart REGRESSION: not be able to download jars from server in Windows using Jnlp Preloader
 8017776  deploy webstart Swing Event Thread does not use JNLP class loader
 7008866  hotspot compiler Missing loop predicate for loop with multiple entries
 7048332  hotspot compiler Cadd_cmpLTMask doesn't handle 64-bit tmp register properly
 7170145  hotspot compiler C1 doesn't respect the JMM with volatile field loads
 8004741  hotspot compiler Missing compiled exception handle table entry for multidimensional array allocation
 8010123  hotspot compiler Add predicates when loop head bytecode is parsed instead of when back branch bytecode is parsed
 8014189  hotspot compiler JVM crash with SEGV in ConnectionGraph::record_for_escape_analysis()
 7036482  hotspot gc clear argument is redundant and unused in cardtable methods
 7037276  hotspot gc Unnecessary double traversal of dirty card windows
 7173959  hotspot gc Jvm crashed during coherence exabus (tmb) testing
 7176220  hotspot gc 'Full GC' events miss date stamp information occasionally
 8000230  hotspot gc Change os::print_location to be more descriptive when a location is pointing into an object
 6294277  hotspot jvmti java -Xdebug crashes on SourceDebugExtension attribute larger than 64K
 6751923  hotspot runtime JNDI wake up when clock_settime() is called
 7100935  hotspot runtime win32: memmove is not atomic but is used for pd_conjoint_*_atomic operations
 7192322  hotspot runtime JVM could not be initialized when class data sharing is enabled and compressed strings are used
 8000227  hotspot runtime [obj|type]ArrayKlass::oop_print_on prints one line to tty instead of the provided output stream
 8004713  hotspot runtime Stackoverflowerror thrown when thread stack straddles 0x8000000 in 32 bit jvms
 7133111  hotspot svc libsaproc debug print should be printed as unsigned long to fit large numbers on 64bit platform
 6930517  install install Java version returns Error Code with kernel bundle
 8011986  other-libs corba [corba] idlj generates read/write union helper methods that throw wrong exception in some cases
 4504275  other-libs corba CORBA boolean type unions do not generate compilable code from idlj
 7158329  security-libs java.security NPE in sun.security.krb5.Credentials.acquireDefaultCreds()
 7197159  security-libs java.security accept different kvno if there no match
 7065972  security-libs javax.net.ssl Some race condition may happen in SSLSocketImpl class
 8004094  tools javac Javac compiler error - synthetic method accessor generated with duplicate name
 8014381  xml javax.xml.xpath The XPathException serial form is incorrect
 8015978  xml javax.xml.xpath Incorrect transformation of XPath expression "string(-0)"
 8009579  xml jaxp Xpathexception does not honor initcause()
 8010998  xml jaxp XSDFACM model class is not thread safe.