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OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) specifications. In May 2007, Sun released a fully buildable Java Development Kit (JDK) version for Java SE to the OpenJDK Community as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). Sun announced the Interim Governing Board for the OpenJDK community. Sun also announced that OpenJDK-based implementations can use the Java SE 6 Technical Compatibility Kit (JCK) to establish compatibility with the Java SE 6 specification. For more information, the following links go to the OpenJDK community, project, source, and forum sites.

Read the Open-Source Java FAQ
Read the Press Release

  • Open-Source JDK Portal : The homepage with open-source Java technology announcements and other general open-source Java news.
  • OpenJDK Community : Where Sun and non-Sun developers alike can collaborate on the ongoing development of the open-source JDK code base and related projects.
  • OpenJDK Project : The project in which the open-source code base will live. Through the OpenJDK project, influence the future of the JDK implementation, participate with peers in an open community, and help grow Java technology.
  • OpenJDK Source : The software configuration management repository, where you can browse the source code. Available at the OpenJDK project is all the unencumbered source code for Sun's ongoing implementation of Java SE 7, as well as binary plugs for the remaining few instances of encumbered code.
  • How to Contribute : This page describes the contribution process for the OpenJDK project, which will be used until an open governance model for the project is established.
  • JDK Open Source Forum The discussion forum for such topics as license choices, governance model, bug tracking software (BTS), version control software (VCS), compatibility, and the Java brand.
  • Java Community Process : The open, participative process to develop and revise the Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and test suites.
  • Oracle's Open-Source Java Overview : News, FAQs, and articles about the three open-source Java communities that Sun has seeded: OpenJDK, Mobile & Embedded, and GlassFish.

Oracle's Commercial Distribution of the JDK

People who want the benefits of commercial support and predictability can choose to use Oracle's commercial distribution of the Java SE JDK or JRE. Oracle's commercial JDK releases will be built from the open-source code, for the most part. Since there's some encumbered code in the JDK, Oracle will continue to use that code in commercial releases until it is replaced by fully-functional open-source alternatives. To learn more about development and deployment support options, visit the Java Support site.

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