Java Web Start Demos

This page contains old information.  It is kept here for archival purposes. The information on this page might no longer be up-to-date and the links below might no longer work.  For current Java Demos please visit the Java SE Demos Page.




These demos work only with Internet Explorer and Mozilla 1.6 and higher. (Earlier versions of Mozilla have Java Script problems that prevent the demos from launching.) If these demos do not launch, click here to go to a non-JavaScript version of the demos. Also, make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

Java Web Start allows full-featured applications to be launched with just a single-click of a mouse. Try launching one or more of the applications below by clicking on its image.

You will need to have Java Web Start installed in order for the applications to launch. If it is not installed, you will be redirected to the Java Web Start setup page.

A two dimensional drawing program allowing you to create rectangles, polygons, circles...


Java 2 SE, v1.2 & v1.3  


The SwingSet Demo
A very swingin' app, this demo shows how Swing can be used to create fun and exciting applications using the Java Foundation Classes.


Java 2 SE, v1.3  


Military Game
A simple but non-trivial board game.



Java 2 SE, v1.2 & v1.3  


A Simple NotePad
Shows how a sandboxed application can save and load files, print, and access the clipboard in a safe and secure manner using the JNLP API.  


Java 2 SE, v1.2 & v1.3  


Application Manager
The Application Manager can easily be launched from a web browser.


Default Java runtime environment