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Setting the Audio Capture and Render Buffer Size


To set the audio capture and render buffer sizes . Smaller buffer sizes will reduce latency but will have a tendency for more severe audio breakup. These are parameters that need to be experimented with on different systems.

AudioBufferControl is obtained from the DataSource and the Player. The one from the DataSource sets the capture buffer size and the one from the Player sets the render buffer size.
Platform: JDK 1.1.6 or later
JMF API: 2.0 or later
Implementation: AJ, WPP, SPP *

* AJ = All Java, WPP = Windows Performance Pack, SPP = Solaris Performance Pack
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How to run this sample

java AudioBufferControl [-c <capture buf size in millisecs>] [-r <render buf size in millisecs>] <URL>

java AudioBufferControl -c 62 -r 400 javasound://44100
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