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Clone DataSources

To create clones from a DataSource and use them to create different players for playback.

A sample application is written.  It accepts a URL of the input media for playback and a number specifying how many copies of the playback it should generate. It performs the following steps:  
  1. Create a DataSource for the given input URL.
  2. Create a cloneable DataSource from the original DataSource with the Manager.createCloneableDataSource call.
  3. Create clones from the cloneable DataSource.
  4. For the cloneable DataSource and each of the clones created, create a player for playback.

Platform: JDK 1.1.6 or later
JMF API: 2.0 or later
Implementation: AJ, WPP, SPP *

* AJ = All Java, WPP = Windows Performance Pack, SPP = Solaris Performance Pack
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How to run this sample
java Clone <URL> <# of copies>

java Clone file:/c:/temp/ 2
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