Java Java TM Access Bridge for Microsoft Windows, v1.0.2 FCS

Java Ferret

Java Ferret uses the Java Accessibility Utilities to examine accessible information about the objects in the Java Virtual Machine. It allows the user to select different methods for selecting the object to be examined:  by displaying information about the object of any number of events (focus, mouse, property change, menu, and popup menu), or by pressing the F1 when the pointer is over an object or F2 when the mouse is over a window.  Once an object has been selected for examination, Java Ferret displays the results of calling Java Accessibility API methods on that object.
Java Monkey
Like a monkey, Java Monkey "swings" through the component trees in a particular Java Virtual Machine and presents the hierarchy in a tree view. In addition, if the user selects a node in the tree and chooses "Accessibility API Panel" from the "Panels" menu,  Java Monkey will present the user with a window showing the accessibility information for the object.

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