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Accesing Individual Decoded Video Frames
[Pass-through Video Codec]

How to access individual decoded video frames from a Processor while processing the media.  This could be used for scanning the decoded data; computing statistics for each video frame, etc.

There are basically 2 ways to do it: 1) get the data from the output DataSource of the Processor; 2) using a pass-through plugin codec as a callback when individual frames are being processed.

This example will demonstrate the second approach:
  • Build the pass-through codec.  Specify what input format you desire and define that as the Codec.getSupportedInputFormats().
  • Create a processor from the input file.
  • Get the TrackControls from the processor.
  • Set your codec on the video track: TrackControl.setCodecChain(your_codec[]).
That way, your codec's process call will be the "callback" whenever a video frame goes through your plugin.

To require for a specific input to your codec, you can define your codec to support only your desirable type of input.  Then the processor will try its best to construct a data flow path to connect to your codec.
Platform: JDK 1.1.6 or later
JMF API: 2.0 or later
Implementation: AJ, WPP, SPP *

* AJ = All Java, WPP = Windows Performance Pack, SPP = Solaris Performance Pack
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How to run this sample
  1. Download the source and compile it.
  2. Run as command line "java FrameAccess <URL>".
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