Java Java TM Access Bridge
for the Microsoft Windows Operating System

Version 2.0.1

Java Monkey Example


Setup and Compatibility Info

Trying it out

JavaMonkeyJavaMonkeyJavaMonkeySwingSet2 Demo

  Go to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02\demo\jfc\SwingSet2
  Double click on the file SwingSet2.jar

In Windows Explorer:

  Go to C:\Program Files\Java Access Bridge
  Double click on the fileJavaMonkey


You will now have two windows open - the SwingSet2 Demo Java application window, and the JavaMonkey window.  There are two main things you can do with JavaMonkey.  You can build a tree view of the Java applications' GUI hierarchy, and you can query the Accessibility API information of a particular element in the GUI hierarchy.

Building the GUI Hierarchy

From the File menu select Refresh Tree menu. This causes JavaMonkey to build a list of the top-level windows belonging to Java applications/applets, and then recursively query the elements in those windows, building a tree of all of the GUI components in all of the Java applications/applets in all of the Java VMs running in the system.

Examining a GUI component

Once a GUI tree is built, you can view detailed accessibility information about an individual GUI component by selecting it in the tree, and then selecting Panels then Display Accessibility Information.

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