Java[tm] Web Start Release Notes


Release Notes

Java TM Web Start Technology

Version 1.0.1_02

This document describes the bug fixes, new features and enhancements that were made for this release of Java TM Web Start software.

JNLP Specification Conformance

This release is the product quality reference implementation (RI) of the Java TM Network Launching Protocol & API (JNLP) Specification, v1.0.1.


Changes Since 1.0.1_01 Release

  • The Java runtime environment bundled with the Microsoft Windows version of Java Web Start software has been changed from JRE 1.3.0_03 to JRE 1.3.1_01.
  • When Java Web Start 1.0.1_02 is used to open an unsigned application, the message "Java Web Start Window" will appear in an inset in the application's window. On Microsoft Windows platforms, the message will be at the bottom of the application window. On the Solaris operating environment and on Linux, the message will be near the top of the application window, just below the window's title bar.
  • In Java Web Start 1.0.1_02, the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) will not allow use of any settings of the form <property name="NAME" value="VALUE"/> in unsigned applications unless the "NAME" begins with " jnlp." or " javaws." Signed applications are not affected.

Changes Since 1.0.1 Release

  • The JRE bundled with the Microsoft Windows version of Java Web Start has been changed from JRE 1.3.0_02 to JRE 1.3.0_03.

Changes Since 1.0 Release

  • Implemented RFE 4403663: The developer's pack includes a servlet that supports bundling of JNLP applications in Web Archive (WAR) files, and that support all JNLP download protocols as well as automatic generation of JARDiff files. See the Developer's Guide for details.
  • Implemented RFEs 4403985, 4403988, 4403991, 4403993, 4403994, 4403995 and 4404394: This final release is localized into 9 languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes Since 1.0.1_01 Release

  • Fixed bug 4458949: Launching applications using Java Web Start technology would cause unnecessary "no disk" errors when the application instantiates a JFileChooser.
  • Fixed bug 4488579: Installing previous 1.0.1 releases of Java Web Start software over version 1.0 removed the cache that had been created by the previous version.. This problem is fixed in version 1.0.1_02.

Bug Fixes Since 1.0.1 Release

  • Fixed bug 4465033: In the locales DE, IT, FR, SV, and JA, Java Web Start 1.0.1 will hang when attempting to display the security dialog for signed applications or applets. This bug has been fixed in Java Web Start 1.0.1_01.

Bug Fixes Since 1.0 Release

  • Fixed bug 4430482: Java Web Start now supports most web proxy auto-configuration scripts. It can detect proxy settings in almost all environments.
  • Fixed bug 4402826: Improved update checking and off-line support. The annoying second-time update dialog has been removed. See the Developer's Guide for details on this under the description of the <offline-allowed/> element.
  • Fixed bug 4403113: Fixed problem that caused incremental download not to work, since the current-version-id was never send to the server.
  • Fixed bug 4416927: Fixed permission bug that in some situations caused major performance degradations and repaint problems for Swing applications.
  • Implemented RFE 4353300: Packaged in a new and smaller installer on Windows to reduce the download size. An upgrade bundle is included for Windows that does not include a Java Runtime Environment.
  • Fixed bug 4415380: Support for a silent install option by using the /silent flag (Windows only).
  • Fixed bug 4410529: The user interface has gotten a minor facelift, and the application manager is brought into better compliance with the Java Look & Feel guidelines.
  • Many more minor bug fixes.
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