JavaBeans FAQ: Schedules & Futures


When will JavaBeans be supported on the [ fill in the blank] platform/operating system?

The complete set of JavaBeans APIs are core to Java 2, hence any platform that is fully compatible with Java 2 implicitly supports JavaBeans. Thus, JavaBeans support will be available as soon as this platform/operating system vendor supports Java 2.

What is Glasgow?

Glasgow - the code name for add-ins to the JavaBeans specification. It contains following specifications:

Does Sun plan to merge the JavaBeans architecture with OpenDoc?

No. Sun Microsystems' strategy for JavaBeans continues to be centered on enabling a market for portable, lightweight Java components.

What is the status of the previously discussed JavaBeans Bridge for OpenDoc?

The bridges between JavaBeans and OpenDoc were originally planned to be delivered by Apple and IBM. Given the recent announcements by both companies, it's best to contact these companies for their most recent plans.