Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition Font Package Requirements


Font Package Requirements

Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition
Version 1.4.2
SolarisOperating Environment

Different locales may require different character encodings. You should check the table below to see what Solaris Font Packages you may need on your system. The utility "pkginfo" can be used to list the packages you have installed on your system.

        Required Solaris Font Packages For Java 2 on Solaris

 Java       Encoding          Font         Locales supported by encoding
Locale                       Packages

***ALL***   iso-8859-1       SUNWi1of,     ***Required for all locales***
                             SUNWxwfnt     (and sufficient for most Western
                                           European locales.)

*_EURO      iso-8859-15      SUNWi15rf(3)  Euro currency locale variants

cs,hu,pl    iso-8859-2       SUNWi2of,     Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, 
                             SUNWi2rf(1)   Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, 
                                           Romania, Slovenia

lt,lv       iso-8859-4       SUNWi4of,     Latvia, Lithuania (Solaris 2.6 and 7)

lt,lv       iso-8859-13      SUNWi13rf     Latvia, Lithuania (Solaris 8)

ru          iso-8859-5       SUNWi5of      Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia

el          iso-8859-7       SUNWi7of,     Greece

tr          iso-8859-9       SUNWi9of,     Turkey

ja        jisx0201,jisx0208, SUNWjxcft,    Japan
             jisx0212        SUNWjxmft(2)

ko           ksc5601         SUNWkcoft     Korea

zh_CN        gb2312          SUNWcttf      China (PRC)

zh_TW        cns11643        SUNWhttf      China (Taiwan)

zh_TW_Big5     big5          SUNW5ttf(4)   China (Taiwan) BIG5

zh_GBK         gbk           SUNWgttf      China (PRC) GBK

*_UTF-8       utf-8      SUNW5ttf,SUNWcttf,    All UTF-8 locales (Solaris 8)

  (1)  SUNWi2rf is needed for Solaris 2.6 and 7.
  (2)  SUNWjxmft is needed for Solaris 8.
  (3)  Euro locale fonts for Solaris 2.6 are supplied with the
       Euro currency support patches instead.
  (4)  SUNW5ttf is available for Solaris 7 and 8.