Use developer forums to share information, locate tried solutions, and learn best practices for Sun products and technologies. Discussion topics for those interested in desktop Java technologies:
JavaDesktop Community Projects
Forums in the JavaDesktop community of host discussions for open-source projects such as Project Looking Glass 3D, JDIC, JDNC, and Java 3D.
The JFC Swing components include everything from buttons to split panes to tables to color chooser dialogs. You can change the look of the components easily, thanks to Swing's pluggable look and feel support.
This forum discusses Java 2D. The Java 2D API provides imaging capabilities for such things as creating two-dimensional graphics to enhance a user interface or model data, processing images, handling color, addressing multilingual requirements, using stylized text, and printing user interface components.
This forum is for topics relating to the Java Web Start product and the underlying Java Network Launching Protocol & API (JNLP) technology.
Java Plug-in lets you direct applets or JavaBeans components on intranet Web pages to run using the JRE instead of the Web browser's default Java virtual machine. Post your questions about Java Plug-in to the developer community in this forum.
Internationalization features let you separate culturally dependent data from the application (internationalization) and adapt it to as many cultures as needed (localization) without changing the source code. Share insights with other developers in this forum working on internationalization projects.
The Accessibility APIs let you write programs that are compatible with hardware and software designed for people with special needs such as limited sight or the inability to operate a mouse. Use this forum to discuss Accessibility APIs.
JavaBeans components, or beans, are reusable software components that follow simple naming and design conventions so they present a standard interface to other beans, programs, and tools. Join this forum to learn about JavaBeans or to help others become more familiar.
Join in on the discussions about the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX.
The JMF specifies a simple, unified architecture to synchronize and control audio, video and other time-based data within Java applications and applets. Share how you are using JMF with others in this forum.