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Java Web Start is designed on the premise that most people still want applications for many activities. Most users do not want to give up their favorite traditional word processor, spreadsheet application, or email client for some HTML-based interface in a browser. This article lists a number of appealing benefits of the application interface.
Java Web Start - Developers Section
this article primarily looks at Java Web Start. However, it also provides some background on the motivation behind the technology, and compares and contrasts different approaches for designing Web clients using various available technologies.
Java(TM) Web Start Developer's Guide - Version 1.2
Java Web Start - Packaging JNLP Applications in a Web Archive
Java(TM) Web Start Developer's Guide - Version 1.0.1
Java Web Start includes a servlet in the developer's pack that can be used to package a JNLP file and its associated resources in a Web Archive (.war) file. The purpose of the servlet is to provide a simple and convenient packaging format for JNLP applications, so they can be easily deployment in a Web Container, such as Tomcat or a J2EE-compliant Application Server.