Java Research License - Download


You must first register or log into the Sun Download Center and agree to the license agreement before you can download this product.

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JDK 5.0
Electronic Download
Returning to the Download Area

Sun offers you the ability to return to the download area for the source code product you originally licensed. This means you do not have to download all of the source code files the first time you reach the download area. You can come back later to download whenever it's convenient for you.

To return to the download area, you must first sign on to the Sun Download Center with the User ID and password you created when you first accepted the "click wrap" license. After you sign on, you can click on the "Previous Orders" link to view a listing of "Previous Orders." Find and click on the order number for your original community source code order. The next page you receive will be the receipt page from your original order. This receipt page contains the download area for technology you chose to license.

International Use Restrictions

Due to limited intellectual property protection and enforcement in certain countries, the JDK source code may only be distributed to an authorized list of countries. You will not be able to access the source code if you are downloading from a country that is not on this list. We are continuously reviewing this list for addition of other countries.