Manual Installation/Registration of Java Plug-in—Solaris


Follow these steps to install the Java Plug-in product:


  1. Supported browsers - Only Mozilla and Netscape 4.x may be registered with Java Plug-in.
  2. Unregister previous Java plug-in - Only one Java Plug-in can be registered at a time with a given browser. When you want to use a different version, unregister any other versions and register the new one.

    If using Mozilla, registration is done by creating a symbolic link; to unregister it, remove the link from the Mozilla plugins directory.

    Mozilla Example to Unregister Java Plug-in:

    Suppose for JDK 5.0 you created a symbolic link in the Mozilla plugins directory to:


    Then cd to the Mozilla plugins directory and remove the link as shown here:


    Also check that there are no links in the Mozilla components directory.

1. Do step 1a for Netscape browsers or 1b for Mozilla browsers.


1a. For Netscape 4.x browsers, set the NPX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to the directory containing the file.

On the SPARC processor platforms, the default location of for the package installation is in this directory:


On Intel platforms, the default location is this directory:



1. The location of the Plug-in ( should be given with an absolute path—not relative to the installation location of the JRE.

2. Setting NPX_PLUGIN_PATH will override the default search path used by the browser. Therefore any plugin directories that the browser currently searches for plugins should also be added to the path.


To set the NPX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable for the SPARC processor platform (C shell), do this:

setenv NPX_PLUGIN_PATH /usr/java/jre/plugin/sparc/ns4

1b. For Mozilla browsers, create a symbolic link to the Java Plug-in in the Mozilla plugins directory.

Change directories to the Mozilla plugins directory, then create a symbolic link to the Java Plug-in file

cd <Mozilla>/plugins
ln -s <JRE>/plugin/sparc/ns7/ .

Be sure to include the period at the end.


cd /programs/mozilla/plugins
ln -s /programs/jdk1.5.0/jre/plugin/sparc/ns7/ .

Again, be sure to include the period at the end.

2. Restart your browser.

If you have other Mozilla/Netscape windows open (Messenger, Composer, ...) you will need to shut them down as well before restarting your browser

3. Check that the Java Plug-in is installed.

In Mozilla do Help -> About Plug-ins to confirm that the Java Plug-in is loaded.