Java Web Start - Partners and Applications

IP Protector
DigiStamp offers a JFC/Swing application and an API toolkit solution for creating PKI standards-based, digital signatures. The software includes options for creating multiple signatures for any electronic document, countersignatures, a third-party time stamp (electronic notary) and the signer qualifiers (Approve, Receipt, and Originate).

Fontanus JNLP Wrapper
JNLP Wrapper is a JNLP-compliant pure Java application that makes using JNLP easier. With JNLP Wrapper, any Java application can be distributed, without modification, using JNLP. There's no longer any need to package everything in jar files, load all resources using the getResource mechanism, and deal with issues created by Web Start's ClassLoader and SecurityManager. JNLP Wrapper enables the distribution of native applications and content over JNLP as well.

Collector's Program, which can be customized for collecting Stamps, Bean Babies, and many other collectibles.

"As a free client-side implementation of the JNLP standard, Sun's Java Web Start provides a solid foundation for Java-based application deployment" Larry Humphries, president of Sitraka Software.
"Java Web Start from Sun, has enabled us to fundamentally improve delivery of capability to our customers. Java Web Start allows the company to offer products to the user community that would previously not have been contemplated" Paul Tetley, Technical Manager, BDG Australia.

db4o - Database for Objects
db4o 1.0 supports Java Web Start.

AMETAnet is fully-fledged broker software with all the typical functions one would expect. It makes it possible for real estateagents to manage all their data: real estate objects, interestedparties, colleagues, salespeople and renters.

PlexMailer offers set of powerful tools to prevent against unsolicted (SPAM) emails. It supports POP3, IMAP, NNTP and MBOX protocols and can be run as an email client or as a proxy server between mail server and other email client.

Canoo ULC Set
See the different ULC widgets in action. Canoo Ultra Light Client (ULC) enables rapid development of Java-based thin-client applications with sophisticated and highly interactive graphical user interfaces. Sun's Java Web Start is ULC's preferred deployment mechanism.

3D Terrain Editor Application

Vamp is a free, user-friendly tool that helps you package, sign and publish Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) software

The main objective of the JBeanStudio project is to provide a coding-free visual software authoring system, which is based on Java and JavaBeans component architecture technologies. It uses a MVC pattern: JBeanStudio has distinct components internally dealing with Model (JavaBean Authoring Model), View (GUI Panel) and Control (Design Panel).

Jext is a multi-purpose programming text editor. Beyond its high flexibility (plugins, scripts, skins, open sourced code, XML resource files...), Jext is a fast and light coding environement.

jDiskReport, a free graphical disk report utility.

jPathReport, a free graphical class path report utility.


Eastfork Object Space
"We use Java Web Start to keep 300 users updated with a complex Java Swing client used in a Clinical Information System in Denmark" Joern Larsen, Managing Director, EOS Denmark

Survey Computing
We use Java Web Start to deploy the applications we have developed for the following customers: The Chicken Quality Assurance Association, the ZAR (Center of Austrian Cattle Breeders), and The Danube University in Krems.

Spidertop Bali
Spidertop Bali is a client-server framework that includes a client component that turns JavaServer Pages into fully functional J.F.C/Swing applications. Java Web Start is the best way to distribute Bali based applications. "We have used Java Web Start to deploy a Bali based J.F.C/Swing user interface that is part of a trading system application we developed for a major investment bank on Wall Street." Vincent Maciejewski, Chief Software Architect, Spidertop Inc.

JBC GUI Bean Suite is a collection of JavaBeans compatible with Java 2 platforms, from Java 1.2 versions, written entirely in the Java programming language.

Flora is a California native plant browser application, based on data in the CalFlora database.

PhotoMesa is an image browser that lets you zoom across hundreds of digital images quickly.

PlexLotto is a lottery application that allows people to play smart lottery.

Priority Pay
Priority Pay is a real-time Internet payroll processing application.

SmileTiger TeleconferenceMagic
SmileTiger TeleconferenceMagic is a secure chat, file sharing and screen sharing software.

Up2Go is a repository for JNLP complient applications.

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