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Books Specific to Java Internationalization
Andrew Deitsch, David Czarnecki.
O'Reilly, 2001.
ISBN 0-596-00019-7
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Andrew Deitsch, David Czarnecki 著; 風間一洋 訳.
O'Reilly, 2002.
ISBN 4-87311-100-5
Books With Coverage of Java Internationalization
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Addison-Wesley, 2001.
ISBN 0-201-72588-6
» Read Planning for Internationalization and Localization and Related Books sections.
Inderjeet Singh, Beth Stearns, Mark Johnson, Enterprise Team
Addison-Wesley, 2002.
ISBN 0-201-78790-3
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Core JSTL. Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library
David M. Geary.
Prentice Hall, 2002.
ISBN 0-13-100153-1
Books on Internationalization
Sun Microsystems, 2001.
The Unicode Consortium.
Addison-Wesley, 2003.
ISBN 0-321-18578-1
Ken Lunde.
O'Reilly, 1999.
ISBN 1-56592-224-7
John Yunker.
New Riders Publishing, 2003.
ISBN 0-7357-1208-5
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