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Java Transaction API 1.0.1 Specification Errata

  1. removed the method modifier "abstract" from all interface methods, since interface methods are implicitly abstract.
  2. page 42, interface "XAResource", method "end" : corrected spelling of XAException errorCode XAER_RMFAILED to XAER_RMFAIL.
  3. page 44, interface "XAResource", method "rollback" : Add the following to the description of XAException, "Possible XAExceptions are XA_HEURHAZ, XA_HEURCOM, XA_HEURRB, XA_HEURMIX, XAER_RMERR, XAER_RMFAIL, XAER_NOTA, XAER_INVAL, or XAER_PROTO. Upon return, the resource manager has rolled back the branch's work and has released all held resources.".
  4. page 30, interface Transaction : change spelling of "Transactioin" to "Transaction" in interface description.
  5. page 46, interface XAResource : added constants XA_OK and XA_RDONLY to be consistent with the actual interface definition.
  6. changed description header "Variables" to "Constants" for some interface descriptions wherever appropriate.

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