Java Advanced Imaging success story: Light Crafts, Inc.


What is LightZone?

LightZone is a better way to correct and retouch your photos and create stunning images and prints. Thirty-day trials are free at

Based on photographic principles and the Zone System method, LightZone is a more natural and intuitive approach for photo retouching, allowing you to focus on what to do with your images rather than how to do it.

LightZone's image processing core is based on JAI, the Java Advanced Imaging API.

A visual approach to photography

LightZone provides a unique visual approach that focuses on what you want to do with your photos and not how to do it allowing you to retouch your photos in a simple and natural way. LightZone is based on photographic principles and on Ansel Adams' Zone System.

Work at a higher level

LightZone allows you to work at a higher level and focus on being creative rather than having to struggle with things like pixels, curves and histograms. Our photographic approach allows you to become proficient at image editing in a matter of hours. Use your intuition as a photographer rather than having to spend years reading books and attending courses.

Get your work done in a fraction of the time

LightZone has the right tools for photographers. With a single click, sophisticated image editing functions allow you to retouch your images in minutes whereas it would take hours in other applications.

Layers and Masks made easy

LightZone uses an innovative way to do both layers and masks allowing you to mask corrections and retouches to specific areas of the image quickly and easily. Masks are drawn directly on the image and can be modified at any time.

Consistent color management

You don't have to be concerned with color spaces and color management issues. LightZone handles colors correctly, transparently, and consistently all the way through the retouching process.

Image workflow integration

LightZone has its own integrated image browser and raw converter, allowing you to use one application for your entire workflow.

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