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To promote interoperability between management applications and managed resources, the WS-Management specification identifies a core set of Web service specifications and usage requirements to expose a common set of operations that are central to all systems management. This comprises the abilities to

  • DISCOVER the presence of management resources and navigate between them.
  • GET, PUT, CREATE, and DELETE individual management resources, such as settings and dynamic values.
  • ENUMERATE the contents of containers and collections, such as large tables and logs.
  • SUBSCRIBE to events emitted by managed resources.
  • EXECUTE specific management methods with strongly typed input and output parameters.

WS-Management Catalog

WS-Management is agnostic of the format used to describe the management functionality or metadata of logical endpoints or "resources". The WS-Management Catalog specification is a practical starting point for discovering and organizing the management metadata needed by users of the protocol.

The entire set of metadata documents available from a WS-Management service is called the "catalog". This list of available logical endpoints, their summary forms, compatible actions, schemas, and WSDL representations loosely constitute the WS-Management Catalog.


A WS-Management implementation for Java SE 5.0+ is available in open source at https://wiseman.dev.java.net .

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