Java Sound API: What's new in version 1.4.2


Java Sound API

1.4.1 (Hopper)  1.4.0 (Merlin) 

Main New Features

  • Ports on Windows and Solaris
  • ALSA support on Linux
  • Applets do not block soundcard anymore (Applet.AudioClip closes device now)
  • Improved stability
  • Improved performance, especially in the MIDI sub-system

Fixed bugs

4842416: REGRESSION: WinXP: Recording hangs
4835956: Crash when opening a MIDI file
4834461: Linux: Applet hang when you load it during sound card is in use
4828556: stopping and starting sampled audio plays small chunk in infinite loop
4805097: jdk1.4.1:Cannot capture except in default format after midi sequencer is opened
4794874: SPEC: javax_sound AudioInputStream contains a typo
4783180: REGRESSION JCK1.4a api/javax_sound/sampled/LineListener/index.html#LineListener
4780440: REGRESSION: loud clicks during playback
4769277: REGRESSION:jck14a:api/javax_sound/sampled/Mixer/index.html#getTargetLines fails
4757930: DOC: AudioSystem.getTarget/SourceLineInfo() is ambiguous
4754759: AudioFormat does not handle uncommon bit sizes correctly
4742021: 3 Regtest-test tests fail on Windows 98 with no sound device
4732218: Clip.drain does not actually block until all I/O is complete as documented.
4724105: SPEC: typo in javadoc: MidiChannel.setPitchBend
4720544: SPEC: MidiChannel.getController() spec is incomplete or
4716740: default sequencer does not set the tempo factor
4716412: Memory leak when throws LineUnavailableException
4716324: MIDI Input fails for large system exclusive messages
4716323: ShortMessage may return bogus status byte
4714846: JavaSound ULAW (8-bit) encoder erroneously depends on endian-ness
4713900: default Sequencer allows to set Mute for invalid track
4703630: actual parameters are not verified by MetaMessage.setMessage
4702328: Wrong time in sequence for SMPTE based types
4695001: SPEC: description of equals() method contains typo
4685328: Source code of package javax.sound.* package is missing in JDK
4672864: AudioFileFormat.toString() throws unexpected NullPointerException
4635534: The recording function is hanging in win32 platforms.
4629669: AU file reader: problems with empty files
4558938: RFE: Implement Ports
4515126: Playing same clip repeatedly generates different sounds
4489272: AudioSystem.getAudioFileFormat() fails for InputStream, but works for URL
4429762: Some instrument names in some soundbanks include bad extra characters
4427890: Sequencer.getTickLength() and Sequence.getTickLength() report the wrong length
4425843: MIDI Program Change messages sent to the synthesizer are ignored
4399551: Repost of bug candidate: cannot replay aif file (Review ID: 108108)
4383457: One Or More Methods Of TargetDataLine Cause System To Hang.
4369044: javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream() works wrong with Cp037
4351296: Cannot write AudioInputStream with unspecified length
4347309: Simultaneous capture/playback of audio does not work on Linux. (ALSA)
4304737: SourceDataLine will not restart after it has been close()'ed, open()'ed
4303933: MidiSystem fails to load MIDI file on systems with EBCDIC simulation
4302884: Audio device is not released when AudioClip stops
4141489: Some public Audio fields should be marked private

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