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Common Menus

"Common menus" refers to the drop-down menus that are in most menu-driven applications. The common menus are:

  • File menu
  • Edit menu
  • View menu
  • Help menu

Figure 24 shows the common menus and their usual menu items.

Figure 24   Common Menus


Use the common menus and usual menu items as a starting point when designing menus.

In your application, provide a File menu and a Help menu. (You can change the title of the File menu, as discussed in Typical File Menu.) The other common menus are optional. When designing menus, include the optional common menus only if your application needs them. Similarly, within each menu, include optional items only if they fit your application's needs. Later sections of this chapter explain which menu items are required in each common menu and under which conditions they are required.

 In applications with drop-down menus, include a File menu and a Help menu in each application window. (You can rename the File menu, as explained in the next section.)

 When placing common menus in a menu bar, place them in this order: File, Edit, View, Help. Place any additional menus between the Edit menu and the View menu, or between the View menu and the Help menu.

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