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Typical View Menu

Many applications include a View menu, whose menu items alter the presentation of data. For example, the View menu of some applications include items such as Large Icons, Small Icons, List, and Details. Figure 30 shows an example View menu.

Figure 30   Example View Menu


The appropriate items for the View menu depend on which objects your application contains. For example, the View menu of a network management application might include:

  • A List item--To display a network's computers as a list
  • A Topology item--To display the same network's computers as a topological graph

 Ensure that items in the View menu change only the presentation of data in the current primary window. Ensure that the items do not change the data itself.

 In the View menu, indicate which view the window currently displays. To do so, place a radio button next to each item for choosing a particular view (as shown in Figure 30). For information about radio button menu items, see Chapter 9 of Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines , 2d ed.

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