Book Excerpt: NetBeans IDE Field Guide

July 2005  
  The Sun Developer Network is pleased to present a chapter from NetBeans IDE Field Guide to be released by Prentice Hall in June 2005.
About the Book

NetBeans IDE Field Guide is the only comprehensive NetBeans 4.1 introductory guide and task reference--it's the fast-answers NetBeans "cookbook" for every experienced Java developer. You'll learn how to use NetBeans 4.1 to build any Java application--even advanced J2EE software, web services, and mobile applications. Coverage includes the following:

  • Navigating the NetBeans IDE and creating, opening, and configuring projects
  • Using NetBeans' ANT support to manage projects and builds
  • Maximizing productivity in everyday coding, debugging, and refactoring
  • Developing web applications with NetBeans' built-in Apache Tomcat web server
  • Using EJBs to extend web applications with business logic
  • Constructing, assembling, and verifying large-scale J2EE applications
  • Setting up NetBeans to work with complex existing projects
  • Developing J2ME handheld applications with the NetBeans Mobility Pack
If you're new to NetBeans, this book will help you quickly leverage its power throughout the entire edit-compile-test-debug cycle. If you've worked with older versions, you'll learn how to make the most of its dramatic improvements. Whatever you're building with Java, NetBeans IDE Field Guide will help you build it faster, better, and more efficiently.
About the Chapter

Chapter 5, "Debugging Java Applications," shows you how to step through code line by line, set and manage breakpoints, monitor variables and expressions, and monitor and control the execution of threads. In addition, this chapter explains how to fix code during a debugging session and view multiple debugger windows simultaneously.

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About the Authors
Patrick Keegan is the lead technical writer for NetBeans IDE. He has been writing about the IDE since May 1999, when NetBeans was a small Czech company yet to be acquired by Sun. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic.


Ludovic Champenois
Greg Crawley
Charlie Hunt
Christopher Webster

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