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What is Programming?, David Culyba, senior research progammer at Carnegie Melon University, talks about his experience as software engineer at Electronic Arts, MAXIS
ThinkQuest Video and Oracle Foundation presentation, Colleen Cassity, Executive Director of the Oracle Education Foundation and Oracle Giving & Volunteers
Java Summer Workshop, overview of Greenfoot, Alice and Java resources, Yolande Poirier, Outreach Manager

Training on Alice 3 and Greenfoot

Those sessions were recorded during the 5-day Java Summer Workshop and Volunteer Training. They are introductory courses on Alice 3 and Greenfoot, two easy to learn user interfaces to  learn programming in Java

Employee access to training here

Alice 3 Sessions - Teacher and volunteer training

1. An Introduction to The Alice Project
The team, history and the power of storytelling

2. Alice Scene Set-Up and Basic Animation Concepts
Sims characters, camera setting, basics of 3D animation, and storyboarding

3. Alice Animation using Code Strings
Running animations, procedures, implementing story and translating story elements into animations
Alice resources on Alice.org: Alice 3
video tutorials and Alice community

Alice Sessions - Student training

1. Introduction to Alice
Storytelling with Alice, the process of story boarding to programming, Alice scene setup

2. Create an Alice Scene
3D animation principals and creating objects in the scene

3. Animate with Alice
Examples of animations for student projects.

Greenfoot for students and teachers

1. Greenfoot Download and Resources
Download Greenfoot software/Java SE and book chapters covering object and classes. Summary of software available and learning resources.

2. Introduction to Greenfoot
Covers first chapter of the book "Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot" Michael Kolling.
Introduction to classes, objects, methods, parameters with the wombat scenario.

3.First Greenfoot Project 
Covers first chapter of the book "Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot" Michael Kolling.