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Students, parents, educators and Oracle employees attending
the Java Summer Workshop gave their feedback:

“At first, I thought it was going to be hard and boring as the hello world sample my dad wanted me to try. But it turned to be the opposite. It was fun and I particularly enjoyed and liked the Alice session. It was really cool, fun and very interesting that I could hardly believe I was programming my own game, animations and videos using java. I already told my principal about the idea I had to create after school events on Java (Alice or Greenfoot) that I hope the wonderful organizers of the Oracle Java workshop can sponsor and help me turn the idea into a reality.  I am willing to expose the idea to my friend at my school and convince the principal of my school to support the project. She recommended that I talk to my science teacher about the project.” Hania, 7th grade
“I'm really impressed about Oracle's knowledge sharing and free training. I am blessed to be connected with a community with similar interests.” Wai, parent

“My son enjoyed the workshop greatly and came away with a great impression of Oracle.” Leena, Oracle employee

“There should be this every year. Very kind of Oracle!” Rehma, 6th grade

“My son is 11 year old and he has enjoyed the whole experience” Elaine, engineer

“Thank you Oracle for giving us that opportunity to learn about Alice and Greenfoot! It’s the best summer event for me and I am looking forward to be able to attend future workshops given by Oracle.” Bryant, 10th grade

“The video was very fun to make and it looked cool at the end. I am very proud of myself for learning a new skill in such a short time” Sapna, 6th grade

“My daughter did not quit her computer and is working day and night to finish the project she started during the event competition. She wanted to use it to show it to her friend and principal at school to sell the idea of having an Alice/Java event in her school this year.” Mahamat, Oracle employee

“Statistically, there are less women in computer science than men. I think once everyone discovers that it is not intimidating at all and fun. It (this event) is a great opportunity to find out the fun of programming and creating your own animation or whatever you want to create” Isabella, 10th grade

My son used to talk a lot about Apple, after the workshop, he is so familiar with Oracle and Java, he is talking a lot about Oracle as well now. Thanks for the workshop, which was very educational and entertaining for these young adults.
Venky, VP of Finance, HSBC.

“Thanks so much for provided such a great opportunity for the kids to understand the programming concepts through Alice and GreenFoot. On Day1, Professor Wanda introduced Alice and tried to inject the concepts of object and class by not mentioning the buzzwords.   She then carefully blended in the most popular terms in object-oriented world.  Professor Steve used try and error approach energetically leading all to explore the world, object properties and object actions. On Day 3, the professors introduced them to different programming opportunities, Class, Object, Instance, inheritance, variable, function, void, int and so on.  This day covered a basic programming class and beyond. It’s definitely a great 3 days experience for the kids.” Joy, SCP

"My daughter had a terrific time at the conference and is now hooked on Alice, Greenfoot, Java and Oracle" Parent

“Need more volunteers circulating around the room to help” 12th grade student