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NightHawk Radiology Services (Nasdaq: NHWK), headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is the nation's leading provider of professional radiology solutions. NightHawk is leading the transformation of the professional practice of radiology by providing high-quality, cost-effective radiology services to radiology groups and hospitals throughout the United States. NightHawk's suite of solutions, including its advanced, proprietary workflow technology, is reshaping the way radiology groups practice by increasing efficiencies and improving the quality of patient care. With its team of U.S. board certified, state-licensed and hospital-privileged physicians, NightHawk services medical groups work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at over 1,000 hospitals in the U.S. from centralized facilities located in the United States, Australia and Switzerland.

DICOM Viewer

Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) is used in our DICOM viewer to display medical images in various formats, as well as to provide image scaling, rotation, window leveling, etc. JAI provides a standard library that liberates development time to focus on business-specific aspects of our applications instead of implementing imaging functionality. JAI has provided the capability to quickly and accurately display patient images across multiple platforms.

DICOM image view

Fax System

JAI and JAI Image I/O Tools are extensively used in our custom fax system. JAI Image I/O Tools primarily does work on the servers decoding incoming fax images, detecting and removing any corruption, and creating a standardized highly compressed image in our archive. We wrote a generic image reader/writer with JAI, but primarily TIFF is used for faxes, and we are pleased with the implementation. JAI then comes into play as our employees view these faxes in our custom made fax viewing application. We are extremely pleased at the speed, reliability, and intuitive API that JAI provides. JAI has helped us process nearly one million faxes to date. We also provide a plugin to our fax system that can be included in any Java application, or deployed as an applet with a javascript interface. This all incorporates JAI with an application deployment size of approximately 1MB thanks to Pack200.

Facsimile image view

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