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Java Warehouse Goes International Now in 21 Countries
The Java Warehouse is now also available to developers from France, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. Developers in those countries can now distribute applications in the U.S. through the Java Store. Learn more

Limited time offer on Java Warehouse Membership
The Java Warehouse annual membership fee is currently reduced from $50 to $5. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your applications into the Java Store.

Java Store's Popular Apps Java Store's Popular Apps
The Astronomy Picture of the Day app remains one of the most popular on the Java Store, with its high-resolution NASA space photos. Check it out

Join the Java Warehouse Join the Java Warehouse
This video describes the registration process including Terms of Use, profile information, and membership fees. Watch the video

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The Basics

Explore the tabs above to get details on registering and submitting apps:

Developer Program Updates

  • Improved version control for applications
  • Tighter integration with PayPal (U.S. developers only)
  • Enhanced metrics on how applications are being used
  • Preview mode now shows a Java Store preview
  • Availability in additional countries
  • Self-signed applications restriction is now enforced

See Features for more information.

The Java Warehouse is the repository for Java and JavaFX applications submitted by developers for distribution through the Java Store to hundreds of millions of desktops worldwide. It comprises this developer information site and the Developer Portal.

The Java Warehouse Developer Portal is the developer-facing website where developers can register for the Java Warehouse Developer Program and submit their applications to the Java Warehouse for distribution in storefronts, such as the Java Store.

The Java Warehouse is initially targeted at Java and JavaFX applications meant to run on the desktop with initial distribution through the Java Store. In the future, the Java Warehouse wiill stock applications meant for Mobile, TV, and cross-screen applications. Future storefronts customized from the Java Store are planned to become available through partnerships, allowing for increased distribution of applications.

The Java Store is a consumer-focused storefront for distributing Java and JavaFX desktop applications. The Java Store lets consumers discover and safely acquire community-provided applications. The Java Store was built using JavaFX technology. Please visit the Java Store website for more information on the Java Store.

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