Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) Overview

The Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) provides a uniform and standard Java API for accessing different kinds of XML Registries. An XML registry is an enabling infrastructure for building, deploying, and discovering Web services.
Currently there are a variety of specifications for XML registries including, most notably, the ebXML Registry and Repository standard, which is being developed by OASIS and U.N./CEFACT, and the UDDI specification, which is being developed by a vendor consortium.
JAXR enables Java software programmers to use a single, easy-to-use abstraction API to access a variety of XML registries. Simplicity and ease of use are facilitated within JAXR by a unified JAXR information model, which describes content and metadata within XML registries.
JAXR provides rich metadata capabilities for classification and association, as well as rich query capabilities. As an abstraction-based API, JAXR gives developers the ability to write registry client programs that are portable across different target registries. This is consistent with the Java philosophy of "Write Once, Run Anywhere." Similarly, JAXR also enables value-added capabilities beyond those of the underlying registries.
The current version of the JAXR specification includes detailed bindings between the JAXR information model and both the ebXML Registry and the UDDI Registry v2.0 specifications.

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