The Java Language Environment

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8.4 Summary

From the discussion above, you can see that the Java language provides high performance, while its interpreted nature makes it the ideal development platform for fast and fearless prototyping. From the previous chapters, you've seen that the Java language is extremely simple and object oriented. The language is secure to survive in the network-based environment. The architecture-neutral and portable aspects of the Java language make it the ideal development language to meet the challenges of distributing dynamically extensible software across networks.

Now We Move On to the HotJava World-Wide Web Browser
These first eight chapters have been your introduction to the Java language environment. You've learned about the capabilities of Java and its clear benefits to develop software for the distributed world. Now it's time to move on to the next chapter and take a look at the HotJava World-Wide Web browser--a major end-user application developed to make use of the dynamic features of the Java language environment.

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