The Java Language Environment

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8.3 A Major Benefit of Java: Fast and Fearless Prototyping

Very dynamic languages like Lisp, TCL, and SmallTalk are often used for prototyping. One of the reasons for their success at this is that they are very robust--you don't have to worry about freeing or corrupting memory.

Similarly, programmers can be relatively fearless about dealing with memory when programming in Java. The garbage collection system makes the programmer's job vastly easier; with the burden of memory management taken off the programmer's shoulders, storage allocation errors go away.

Another reason commonly given that languages like Lisp, TCL, and SmallTalk are good for prototyping is that they don't require you to pin down decisions early on--these languages are semantically rich.

Java has exactly the opposite property: it forces you to make explicit choices. Along with these choices come a lot of assistance--you can write method invocations and, if you get something wrong, you get told about it at compile time. You don't have to worry about method invocation error.

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