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  The JDC is pleased to present two chapters from High-Performance Java Platform Computing Multithreaded and Networked Programming, published by Sun Microsystems/Prentice Hall.

About the Book

Threading and concurrency are crucial to building high performance applications using the Java Platform--but they have a reputation for complexity. High-Performance Java Platform Computing thoroughly demystifies them, helping developers leverage threading and concurrency to solve a wide variety of performance problems--especially in networked, distributed applications. This book delivers practical solutions, proven design patterns, and rigorously tested code library: everything you need to build optimized software for technical, business, and e-commerce applications.

About the Chapters

Chapter 3, "Race Conditions and Mutual Exclusion," covers race conditions, synchronization mechanisms, and deadlock.

Chapter 4, "Monitors," looks at real monitors and Java monitors, and shows examples using Monitor objects.

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About the Authors

THOMAS W. CHRISTOPHER and GEORGE K. THIRUVATHUKAL are principals in Tools of Computing LLC (toolsofcomputing.com) and Zirve! LLC (zirve.net), two Chicago-area consulting/training firms specializing in high-performance computing, operating systems, and object-oriented languages.

A professor of computer science for over twenty years, Christopher has written a number of experimental languages and libraries for high-performance computing.

Thiruvathukal is currently a visiting associate professor of computer science at Loyola University at Chicago and an adjunct professor in the ECE department at Northwestern University. He was previously a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory and has served as secretary general of the Java Grande Forum (javagrande.org). His current research involves the development of open source software to support application clustering in scientific and technical computing through the Java and High-Performance Computing Organization (jhpc.org).

View PDF Chapter 3 | View PDF Chapter 4

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