Java Petstore 1.1.2

TM Pet Store 1.1.2 Release

The Java TM Pet Store is a sample Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE TM ) reference application that showcase the main features of the J2EE platform. It is an illustration of the typical design decisions and tradeoffs a developer makes when building an application for the J2EE platform. This free application can be used as a framework or blueprint for building enterprise applications. The latest release of the Java Pet Store 1.1.2 gives the developer an opportunity to take advantage of improved portability and internationalization. We are interested in your feedback, your questions, your comments and how you have implemented the Java Pet Store into your own environment. ( )

What's New in This Release
The Java Pet Store application improves on several areas from the previous 1.1.1 release including:

  • The application is now more portable.
  • Web-tier form-based-login and the J2EESecurityAdapter class have been removed.
  • The application now uses a servlet-based sign-in/sign-out architecture.
  • Client view JARs for the EJB components are now included.
  • The application now provides an interactive tool that allows for easier installation of the database tables it requires.
  • Application-level and system-level exception-handling has been improved on all tiers.
  • The application now deploys on the J2EE 1.3 Reference Implementation server without modification.
  • Japanese localization has been improved.
  • The components' JavaDoc has been improved.


Download the Java Pet Store 1.1.2 release:
License Agreement Any use or implementation of this sample source code is subject to this License agreement.


Contacting Us
Your feedback is important to us! Please send your comments or questions to

More Information
Visit here to learn more about the Java Pet Store and the design guidelines of the Java TM 2 Enterprise Edition Blueprints program.

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