Swing Sightings Volume 22

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Swing Sightings Volume 22

August 18th, 2005

One of the most exciting kinds of e-mail that the Swing/JFC team receive is a product announcement for a new JavaTM application that features a Swing GUI. A close runner-up is the URL for a new game or a compelling never-before-seen applet.

Over the years we've collected many links to this information. In fact, if you walked down the hallways here you would see the walls plastered with hundreds of screenshots from applications developed outside of Sun. Therefore, we have decided to launch a Swing Connection feature to share this bounty. Don't expect a comprehensive survey; these are applications that we bumped into or that found us.

This feature is called "Swing Sightings" and here are several new applications we've happened upon recently. Previous Swing Sightings are available in the numbered web pages listed below. These applications don't come with our special seal of approval (we don't have one) and, although we may have tried some of them out, we don't claim to have really tested any of them. They're here because, based on the descriptions and the screenshots on their web sites, they look like good examples of what is possible with Swing.

The button indicates that if you have Java Web Start installed, you can launch the application by just simply clicking on the the button. Note: if you don't have Java Web Start installed, you can get it here.

If you know of an application that should be considered for this Swing Connection feature, we'd love to hear about it.

 GLIPS - Graffiti SVG Graphics Editor

Web Site: glipssvgeditor.sourceforge.net

The GLIPS Graffiti editor is an open source SVG graphics editor based on Batik and developed by ITRIS. It features shape tools (rectangles, circles, ellipses, lines, polygons, and polylines), path tools (Bezier curves, conversion to a path, union, subtraction, and intersection), basic text support, and image import (SVG or Bitmap). Supported transformations are translate, resize, rotate, and skew. A property manager is available for each object, and a resource manager takes care of gradients, patterns, markers, and filters. It requires Java VM 1.4.1 or higher. It is a part of the GLIPS Project, which aims to be a PLC cross-platform development environment.


(note: click on the images for larger views)


 Jake2 - bytonic

Web Site: bytonic.de

bytonic is a Java software development team from Chemnitz in Germany. They've been around for a couple of years and if you're wondering if they've got skills (and stamina), check out Jake2.

Jake2 is a port, from C to Java, of the infamous Quake2 first person shooter from id Software. All roughly 100,000 lines of the original C implementation. The work was done with a combination of custom tools and plain old rewriting. In addition to being a feat of translation, Jake2 is one of the most impressive web started applications I've encountered. Everything from the current version of the JOGL OpenGL bindings to a Quake2 game map was downloaded and installed automatically. Once started, the game played exactly the way I remembered it.

Game performance was excellent although I have to admit that I was more of a victim than a player. It's just that I'm way out of practice. I'll have to work on that.



(note: click on the images for larger views)





Web Site: www.zipcreator.com

A great looking cross-platform (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) zip utility that's free! I gave zipcreator a brief trial run and found it to be fast and easy to use. Nick Hurst (nick at zipcreator dot com) sent us a pointer to the zipcreator web site which includes a comprehensive and very professional looking user manual along with the free application download.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 ByteMe & TwoMore - University of Technology at Darmstadt, Germany

Wed Site: www.pi.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/se2004/byteme

Kai Stroh ([k.stroh at web dot de) sent us a pointer to this new JOGL based visualization tool called TwoMore. It was developed by a team of six students at the University of Technology in Darmstadt (Germany) who have named themselves ByteMe. Questionable choice of names aside, it's a pretty interesting app that displays a semantic web in two or three dimensions.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 TrackNShare - Memetex, Inc.

Web Site: memetex.net

Victor Coleman from Memetex, Inc. provided us with this description of the of the product: TrackNShare is a low-admin, cross-platform, team-based, highly-secure, client-server, real time business (or personal) process manager. Changes are immediately pushed from the server to clients so the team is always up-to-date. A rich Swing GUI represents processes, tasks, templates and users with hierarchy, property, and graph panels. TrackNShare features fine access control, universal content, 2 Gig file/directory attachments, alarms, email notification, graph cycles, rendezvous or parallel activities, pooled or single task assignment, constraint-based forwarding, event-triggered Java scripting, and dynamic alteration of processes. Databases supported are embedded Hsqldb (default), external Mysql, or embedded Cloudscape Network Server (next release 1.2). TrackNShare scales up using a federated architecture of multiple team servers interconnected by users who belong to more than one team, and scales down to plain workstations. TrackNShare is low-cost because the Memetex, Inc. profit model is not based on software prices but on the need for professional consulting services to analyze your workflow and construct effective templates that streamline collaborative processes.



(note: click on the images for larger views)



 TJI - Kinabaloo

Web Site: www.kinabaloo.com

TJI is a small (1.3M download) commercial IDE for the Java programming language with support for building Swing GUIs, writing servlets and JSP, creating javadoc or UML, and so on. It comes with an integrated database and web server.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 Thought Mapper - Aviz

Web Site: www.avizsoft.com

Karan Gujral (karan at avizsoft dot com) from Aviz Software in Maharashtra India, sent us a pointer and description of this app: The Aviz Thought Mapper is a new application that helps you to visually organize thoughts and ideas around a central theme by creating a Mind Map. The tool is extremely simple and intuitive to use, supporting full keyboard navigation and editing. Thought Mapper allows editing, saving, printing and publishing (html, pdf, rtf, image, presentation) of your thought maps. This is an application written in the Java programming language and is currently supported on Microsoft Windows and Linux. The Windows version integrates with Outlook for contacts, tasks and appointments.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 Summit Groupware

Web Site: www.powdersoftware.com

Summit Groupware is a web started email/calendar/contacts/etc collaboration client for Unix (check out the JDS screenshot!), Mac, and Microsoft Windows. The application suite was written by Powder Software up in Calgary Canada. Looks like the Alloy look and feel at work, very nice!



(note: click on the images for larger views)



 SCRIBE - Gestalt


Web Site: www.reportgenerator.org

This item comes to us from Alex Molochnikov, who's at the Gestalt corporation:

SCRIBE is a report generator that is based on graphical programming concepts, allowing the developers to define the process of retrieving data from the database tables, performing the necessary calculations, creating pie, bar and line charts, and formatting data for printing. SCRIBE performs all these tasks in the form of an executable graphical flowchart. Printing is done through WYSIWYG page layout forms (print templates).

SCRIBE can also update database tables by inserting, updating and deleting rows, using graphical flowcharts with database-editing components. Its functionality can be extended by adding custom Java code; third-party Java applications can run reports programmatically using the SCRIBE API library.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 QuickCalc - JayDee Technology Ltd.

Home: www.jaydeetechnology.co.uk/quickcalc.htm

QuickCalc is a 100% Pure Java Spreadsheet component that has been proven in a range of applications and that can be easily integrated into any Swing-based Java application. It was developed by JayDee Technology Ltd, an organization based in the UK that specializes in Java technology. It is currently used by The Legal Services Commission of the UK Government, within our own systems and several other organizations including Nomura Securities International, Inc. and Data Burst Technologies, Inc.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 Omniscope - Iokio

Web Site: www.iokio.com

Steve Spencer (info at iokio dot com) from Iokio was kind enough to send us a description of Iokio Ltd's recently-launched flagship product, Omniscope: Omniscope, a desktop application developed in Java, allows both home users and professionals to browse data and media using colourful and interactive data visualizations. Drill-down through pie charts and scatter plots; overlay data points on a wide range of configurable maps; browse images and create slideshows; create portfolios with a few mouse clicks; rapidly filter data in an enjoyable visual manner. "Omniscope turns data visualization into a video game." Data can be opened from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or any JDBC database including Oracle, Access, and SQL Server. "Omniscope does for data what Acrobat reader did for text."


(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: myjxta2.jxta.org

James Todd, gonzo developer on the second generation MyJXTA project, has been keeping us posted on the all the latest developments - notably the new 2.3.2 release. The JXTA project home page describes the app like this: MyJXTA is a web started JXTA Technology based collaboration application. Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, modify, extend and deploy in enterprise settings. Its features include: group chat, secure 1:1 chat, content sharing (cms.jxta.org), rich content (text/html) chat editor, shell integration (shell.jxta.org) text-to-speech (FreeTTS) live graphs (prefuse), and much more.



(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: www.jthink.net/jaikoz

Developer Paul Taylor (paultaylor at jthink dot net) sent us this description of Jaikoz: Jaikoz is an audio tagger specifically designed for managing large music collections. In this first release it supports the standard ID3v1 and ID3v2 tagging format for MP3 Files. It aims to give you full control of your editing and provide as much automation as possible. Jaikoz uses a spreadsheet view to allow you to edit information more quickly than other applications and provides many autoformatting tasks that do most of the work for you. For example, it compares your MP3s to each other and, using this information, it can correct missing information and spelling mistakes. We know of no other tagger that does this! Jaikoz can extract information from a filename into the tag without you having to specify the format for the filename. The screen is split horizontally and automatically synchronised to show the original record and the changes you have made so you can compare both at the same time. Jaikoz allows you to access complex fields as well as simple fields from the spreadsheet view. Jaikoz has been developed and tested on Microsoft Windows XP, OSX Panther and Red Hat Linux Fedoura.


(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: querybuilder.sourceforge.net/

Here's a brief description of this app, from the web site: "With FreeQueryBuilder, you can create SQL queries without directly writing SQL. A diagram pane presents a graphic display of the tables you have selected from the data connection. It also shows any join relationships among them. When you make a change in the diagram pane, the SQL-Syntax pane are updated to reflect your change."

(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site:: freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

FreeMind is software to help you organize your ideas, or as the developers put it: "free mind-mapping software". FreeMind is intended to be similar the Windows-only (and not free) product called MindManager and we were pleased to read the FreeMind developers' claims that their pure Java application performs better!


(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: www.dbwrench.com

Harnek Randhawa (harnek at nizana dot com) was kind enough to send us a pointer to DbWrench (1.0 just released in November 2004) along with this tidy description: "DbWrench is a multi-vendor, cross-platform database design and round-trip engineering software. Its features include: a syntax highlighting SQL query editor, support for many of todays most popular databases, a graphic entity relation diagram (ERD) designer, and the ability to forward and reverse engineer databases. DbWrench is written in pure Java allowing it function on numerous operating system platforms. DbWrench's multi vendor and multi platform functionality makes it ideal for heterogeneous database environments."


(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: www.barchan.net

Earlier this year, Michael Schenck posted some screenshots on the JDNC forums to show off a skillful use of the JDNC Highlighter API in JXTreeTable. The screenshot was from a very polished-looking new application from Barchan. Here's the product description from the Barchan site (don't miss the kind words about J2SE!):

"Barchan's Infrastructure Asset Management Application is the end-to-end solution for horizontal infrastructure asset management. The application currently supports road networks and is being expanded to additionally support water, sewer, and drainage networks. Barchan's application is user friendly, with the look and feel of a desktop application, but the flexibility of a web enabled enterprise application. Using Sun Microsystems' Java 2 Platform, Barchan's application is built on leading edge 21st century technology."

Michael sent along a geek-friendly description of the application's arhcitecture. Wow:

"The Barchan application is a client/server application that makes heavy use of J2EE. The rich client is delivered via Web Start and communicates to the server through WSDL/SOAP over HTTPS, pretty much behaving like a desktop application. It also integrates on the back end to ESRI's ArcIMS platform for mapping and to a Construction Cost Database which actually runs in .NET using SQL Server (talks to it using SOAP through a JAXB generated interface)."


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 DB Solo

Web Site: www.dbsolo.com

Marko Hantula (marko at dbsolo dot com) sent us a pointer to a new product for database application developers called DB Solo. The app uses some great Swing libraries, like JGraph, JGoodies Looks and many others. Here's the (slightly edited) product description he provided: "DB Solo is a powerful database development and management tool for developers and DBAs. DB Solo has an intuitive user interface that allows you to explore and manage your database objects as well as execute your own ad-hoc queries. DB Solo supports most relational database products available today including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL. You can manage all of these DBMS products — even at the same time — from a single application. DB Solo runs on Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. In addition to viewing objects such as schemas, tables, indexes, views, tablespaces, users, roles, sessions and stored procedures you can also view, edit, print and export data of tables or results of your ad-hoc queries. You can also graphically view your table's foreign-key relationships with other tables. You don't need to know SQL to be able to navigate and explore your database structures. Ad-hoc queries can be entered in a query window that supports multiple result-sets, printing, persisted query history, exporting, image viewing and searching within results. DB Solo also contains a table creator tool that allows you to create tables without knowing SQL. The table creator allows you to define table columns and constraints using a simple interface and you can preview the SQL before the table is created."


(note: click on the images for larger views)




Web Site: bidnobble.com

The BidNobble site begins with a blurb that's just the right size for a Swing Sighting. Here it is (slightly edited): "BidNobble is an auction tool for eBay users written in the Java programming language. You can track eBay auctions and the snipe tool allows you to schedule your bid to be placed seconds before the auction ends, avoiding driving the price high early in the auction's life. Listed among the application's many features, like a clock "that's synchronized to eBay time", and a "snipe tool", is the fact that the app is easy to use and free of charge."


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 Aqua Data Studio 4.0

Web Site: www.aquafold.com

We covered Aqua Data Studio about two years ago, in Swing Sightings #13. Since then there have been some significant developments (even a press release); Niels Gron (NielsGron at aquafold dot com) sent us an update, along with new screenshots. As before, Aqua Data Studio is: A universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Aqua Data Studio includes support for all major database platforms such as Oracle 8i/9i, IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Sybase Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and the open source databases MySQL and PostgreSQL. Developed with the Java programming language, Aqua Data Studio supports all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris and the Linux operating system.


(note: click on the images for larger views)



 blue - Music Composition Environment for the Csound Synthesizer

Web Site: csounds.com/stevenyi/blue

Steven Yi (stevenyi at gmail dot com] sent us a pointer to an open source application called "blue" (and so it is) along with the brief description below. "blue is a music composition environment for use with the Csound synthesizer. blue features a timeline that uses plugin SoundObjects to generate scores for your music. It has built-in support for Python and JavaScript scripting, a microtonal PianoRoll, and many other features that empower users to create music in many ways."






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