Release Downloads for Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server

This page consolidates all download links for Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server. Please visit the Oracle Fusion Middleware: Download, Installation & Configuration ReadMe for an overview of the installation process and the Certification Guide on My Oracle Support (MOS) for platform specific certification information.


The downloads below are provided for evaluators under the OTN License Agreement . Current customers should download their software via our Oracle Software Delivery Cloud site , which offers different license terms.

Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server
This is the release of Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server. See the Documentation tab for Release Notes and other release specific information.
Release 4.0.19
This is an independent installation which does not get installed over earlier versions. Installation notes for version 4.0.14 and later can be found here . This release of Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server is available through My Oracle Support.

To obtain an Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server Installer, login to My Oracle Support and search for the applicable Patch ID below:
  • Windows: Patch ID 145607-05
  • Solaris Sparc: Patch ID 145604-05
  • Solaris x86: Patch ID 145606-05
  • Linux: Patch ID 145605-05
Included Features & Components
4.0.19 Features
Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.19 Features
  • 64-bit support for Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, and Linux operating systems
  • Redesigned administration framework featuring
    • Cluster management
    • Easy access to frequently used tasks
    • Assistant Wizards
    • Full featured and scriptable Command Line Interface
    • Simplified management of SSL certificates
    • Fully localized browser based Graphical Interface
  • Regular expression support allowing for advanced URL rewriting and mass hosting
  • Conditional request processing
  • Advanced filters for request pre- and post-processing
  • Java session recovery within a cluster
  • Advanced WebDAV and WebDAV ACL content publishing support
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Dynamic Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
  • Request mapping server protection
  • Reverse Proxy user-agent
  • Bundled FastCGI support
  • FIPS-140-* certification
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