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Java Store in the News
Last week, industry publications eWeek, InfoWorld, and JavaLobby carried the news about the new Java Store beta. Happy holidays indeed!

Java Store Adds a Cash Register
Sun announces partnership with PayPal to support for-fee applications in the Java Store enabling developers in the US the ability to make money from their desktop Java and JavaFX applications. Learn more

Java Web Start Permissions
This basic tech tip describes the Java Web Start sandbox environment. It explains how to sign JAR files with a test certificate and how to find out who signed a JAR.

Gosling on the Java Store Beta
In his blog, James Gosling writes about Sun VP Eric Klein's announcement at the PayPal conference and demo of the next phase in the Java Warehouse and Java Store's development.

Java Store and License Management
Sun engineering director Octavian Tanase provides sample code in his blog on how to use license management in your Java Store app. Learn More

Java Rich Internet Applications Deployment Advice
If you have issues with running apps from the Java Warehouse (using Java Web Start), read this tech note on JNLP, the Deployment Toolkit, and other deployment tools.

Using NetBeans to Combine JAR Files Into a Single JAR File
Learn how to concatenate your user and library classes into a single JAR file, so that you can upload your apps to the Java Warehouse.

Using Custom Fonts in Your JavaFX Application
In this tech tip, learn how to apply a custom font on your desktop app. If you're new to JavaFX technology, you'll want to read Quick JavaFX GUI Overview first.

Submitting Apps to the Java Warehouse
Bernard Traversat, Director of Java Store Engineering, shows how easy it is to use the Java Warehouse Developer Portal to publish applications to the Java Store. Some steps may have changed slightly since this screencast was recorded. Watch now

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