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Overview of Window Types

The Java platform provides the following basic window types:

  • Plain windows
  • Utility windows
  • Primary windows
  • Secondary windows

Figure 2 shows these window types and their subtypes.

Figure 2   Window Types


Table 1 lists each window type and describes its intended use.


Window Type Intended Use

Plain window

Typically, displays a splash screen, which appears briefly in the time between when an application starts and when the application's main window appears.

Utility window

Displays a set of tools (for example, the drawing tools in a graphics program), or enables other user interaction that can affect a primary window.

Primary window

Represents an object or a set of objects. A primary window can have any number of dependent, or secondary, windows. For more information, see Primary Windows.

Secondary window

An alert box or a dialog box:

Alert box--Enables brief interaction with a user--for example, to display error messages or warn of potential problems. For more information, see Alerting Users After an Object's State Changes.

Dialog box--A property window or an action window:


  • Property window--Enables a user to display or set the properties of one or more objects, typically objects in the parent window (which opened the property window). For more information, see Property Windows.


  • Action window--Prompts a user for information needed to perform an action (such as opening a file). The user requested the action from the parent window. Action windows are not for displaying or setting properties of objects. For more information, see Action Windows.

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Table 1   Window Types and Intended Use 
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