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Designing the Title Bar

To design a wizard's title bar, you supply descriptive title text in the correct format. Figure 76 shows title text in the title bar of a typical wizard.

Figure 76   Title Text in the Title Bar of a Wizard


A wizard's title text should be the same on all pages; it should not include a subtitle that changes from page to page. (The unique subtitle of each page belongs in the right pane, as described in Subtitles.)

The correct format for a wizard's title text differs for standalone wizards and embedded wizards. For embedded wizards, the format also differs depending on whether the wizard's purpose is to modify an existing named object--for example, an existing file named MyConfiguration.txt. The following guidelines explain the correct format for title text in each type of wizard.

 Make an embedded wizard's title identical to the name of the menu item for starting that wizard, unless the wizard's purpose is to modify an existing named object. Do not end the title text with an ellipsis (...). You can append the word "Wizard" to the title text--for example, New Chart Wizard or Configure Database Wizard. However, do not append the word "Wizard" to the name of the menu item.

 If an embedded wizard's purpose is to modify an existing named object, format the wizard's title text like this: Object Name - Command .
( Command stands for the text of the menu command used to start the wizard. The hyphen is preceded by one space character and followed by another. Here is an example: Firenze Cluster - Reconfigure)

 Use the following format for the title text of standalone wizards:
Wizard-Purpose Product-Name Product-Version , for example, Install Cluster Foo 3.0.

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