J2ME Web Services APIs (WSA), JSR 172

The J2ME Web Services APIs (WSA) extend the web services platform to include J2ME. J2ME Web Services APIs enable J2ME devices to be web services clients, providing a programming model that is consistent with the standard web services platform.
WSA Technology
WSA 1.0, (JSR 172) The purpose of this specification is to define an optional package that provides standard access from J2ME devices to web services.
Reference Implementation:
WSA 1.0: This version of the WSA reference implementation (RI) is based on the WSA 1.0 specification, and should be used in combination with the CLDC 1.0.4 RI and the MIDP 2.0 RI. The WSA reference implementation is targeted at device manufacturers who want to port this set of APIs to another platform, and is available via the Sun Community Source License (SCSL) program.
Development Tools:
The J2ME Wireless Toolkit supports WSA 1.0, allowing application developers to easily emulate client web services within a MIDP 2.0 emulator.

Technology Compatibility Kit:
The WSA technology compatibility kit (TCK) can be licensed from Sun to certify a WSA implementation on a specific platform. For more information about licensing terms, please contact Sun's Java Partner Engineering group.

Download the Sun Community Source License (SCSL).

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