Oracle Designer 10g

Oracle Designerには、基幹業務アプリケーションの要件および設計をモデル化し、生成し、取り込むためのツールセットが用意されています。これにより、データベース・アプリケーション開発者の生産性を飛躍的に向上させます。

Technical Information
All 9i documentation supports both Oracle Designer 10g and Oracle Designer 10gR2 releases.
Software Configuration Management Collateral
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Designer 10gR2 ( is now available
Oracle Designer 10gR2 ( release is available with Developer Suite 10g ( For certification information, refer to the Developer Suite 10gR2 certification matix on metalink.
September 2005
Latest Downloads Available
The latest maintenance releases (including online supporting documentation) of Designer 10g and Designer 9i are now available for download. For certification information, refer to the certification matix on metalink.
October 2005
Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer Statement of Direction.
This article summarizes Oracle's Software Development strategy for Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer. For a separate SCM statement see below. Details regarding Designer's ongoing maintenance schedule are detailed below.
June 2004
SCM (Repository) Statement of Direction
Oracle has released a Statement of Direction for Oracle SCM. For a separate Tools Statement of Direction which includes details about Designer, Forms and Reports see above.
June 2004
Designer and SCM (Repository) Maintenance Schedule
Oracle Designer is Oracle's model-driven development tool based on the well-founded principles of Information Engineering. Read the latest release schedule.
April 2004
Designer and SCM (Repository) Maintenance Schedule FAQ
There are many questions about the Designer releases Oracle supports. The above release schedule should address these. Any related questions are added to the FAQ.
April 2004
Designer Business Components Generator
The Designer Business Components Generator available as part of Oracle JDeveloper 10g. The generator reads Designer's rich meta-model to extract table and module information for JDeveloper's ADF business components.
Apr 2004