Oracle JDeveloper 11 g Technology Preview 4 - (Build 4949)

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Studio Edition
  This download is the complete version of JDeveloper with all the features.
Windows Install
For Windows XP, 2003, 2000
(includes JDK 5)
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For all the platforms
(without JDK)

This release is not feature complete, in the sense that 1) the features shown in this release are not guaranteed to be in the final production release, and 2) we plan to add features in production that are not in the Technology Preview. This is intended as a stability and performance update to the last preview (Technology Preview 3) and to elicit further feedback from users on the product direction. 

Important note: To comply with Oracle's strict revenue recognition policies, the SOA and WebCenter functionality is only available for preview to existing Oracle customers with a valid Customer Support Identification (CSI) number. Please visit the SOA and WebCenter OTN home pages for information on how to access the Technology Preview 4 functionality for those areas.

Make sure to use the Help->check-for-update menu in JDeveloper to download extensions to JDeveloper including JUnit support.
Oracle JDeveloper requires JDK 5 update 11 or later. The windows complete install includes the needed JDK for windows. For the other installs make sure your machine has a copy of JDK 5.0.11 .
See the JDeveloper 11 Technical Preview Homepage for tutorials, demos, how-to's and more.
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