demos Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g — Online Demonstrations

以下のオンライン・デモンストレーションでは、JDeveloperの動作をご覧いただ けます。
デモンストレーションをご覧いただくにはブラウザにフラッシュ・プラ グイン、そしてサウンド・カードが必要です。
デモンストレーションのスピード とフローは、それぞれ下部のプレイバック・バーで調整可能です。最大化するに はブラウザでF11キーを押下します。

General IDE

 Oracle JDeveloper Development Experience New
 Development Lifecycle with JDeveloper 11g New
 The Java Code Editor Features New
 Updated SubVersion Support
 UML Design with Oracle JDeveloper
 Developing Extensions for Oracle JDeveloper New

Java EE Development

 JSF 2.0 Development With JDeveloper New
 JPA and EJB Development with Oracle ADF New
 Developing EJB/JPA Applications with Oracle JDeveloper 11g

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with JSF

 Oracle ADF Faces Components Quick Overview
 Oracle ADF Faces Skin Editor New
 Oracle ADF Faces Runtime Capabilities
 Oracle ADF Data Visualizations Overview New
 Oracle ADF Data Visualizations: Graph Interactivity
 Oracle ADF Data Visualizations: Maps, Gauges and Pivot Tables
 Oracle ADF Data Visualizations: The Hierarchical Viewer 
 ADF Faces Development Experience
 ADF Data Visualization : Maps, Gauges and Pivot Table - Development Experience

Advanced JSF Development

 Oracle ADF Taskflows - Extending the JSF Controller
 ADF Declarative Components - Reusable JSF Components

Web Services Development

 Web Services Development in Oracle JDeveloper
 WSDL Editor New Features 
 Web Service Data Control Development with Oracle JDeveloper
 Consuming REST Services with Oracle ADF New

Oracle Application Development Framework - Oracle ADF

 Oracle Application Development Framework Overview New
 Swing Development with Oracle ADF
 New & enhanced declarative features in Oracle ADF Business Components
 Oracle ADF Desktop Integration 
 Declarative Application Customization - MDS 
 Integrating Oracle Help with your ADF Applications 

Mobile Development

 Oracle ADF Mobile
 Develop Mobile Optimized JSF pages with Oracle ADF Mobile New

Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA Integration

 Creating SDO from ADF Business Components 
 Consuming ADF Business Components SDO in Composite Applications 
 Creating ADF User Interfaces for Composite Applications 
 Integrating ADF with Human TaskFlows 

Database Development

 Database Development using Templates
 Database Reporting 

Oracle Team Productivity Center

 Integrate CI Build and Test Results with Oracle TPC New
 Team Productivity Center Overview
 Working with Work Items


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