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We want to hear from you about your experience with the JavaFX SDK and tools. Post to the JavaFX forum.

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you believe you've found a defect in JavaFX and would like to submit a bug report, or if you would like to suggest a new feature or feature enhancement, you can do so by visiting and creating an account on JIRA. Once you have logged in, select 'Issues', then 'Create Issue' from the top navigation bar on the page. Next, select the 'Runtime' project, and select whether you are submitting a bug or a feature request. Follow the instructions on the page to give us as much information as you can. If we need anything else from you we will contact you for more details, but the more you can tell us ahead of time, the better!

JavaFX Open Source

At JavaOne 2011, Oracle announced their intention to submit a proposal to open source the JavaFX platform. This proposal was approved by the OpenJDK community, and the JavaFX UI Controls source code has been contributed initially; other JavaFX components are planned to follow in multiple phases. You can find more information about Project OpenJFX at

OpenJFX is intended to be an open source client environment to run rich Internet applications (RIA) on the Java platform. OpenJFX will provide a powerful UI platform capable of handling large-scale data-driven applications, that leverages a rich set of graphics and media APIs with high performance hardware-accelerated graphics. Applications based on the OpenJFX project can be deployed within a browser page, or as desktop applications, and leverage the strengths of the underlying Java platform, including a robust security model, the ability to call into native code, and thousands of Java APIs covering everything from networking to instrumentation and I/O support. Oracle is committed to contribute large amounts of code --based on its JavaFX implementation-- to the OpenJFX project over time, starting with user interface components, and is eager to work with the OpenJDK community to develop a high quality and high performance rich client platform

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The OTN JavaFX Forum is a great place to post, answer, and review issues related to JavaFX. Members of the Oracle JavaFX team are usually not far to discuss some of the most complex issues.

The Jira bug tracking system is the place where you want to report issues with JavaFX, or file a feature request. The Oracle JavaFX team reviews issues on an ongoing basis, and you can check the status of your Jira entries or add additional comments and information at any time.

Instructions on how to submit bug reports or feature requests are available in the FAQ section.

Oracle is interested in highlighting innovating third party projects featuring JavaFX. Selected testimonials may be published in different venues, such as Oracle web properties (e.g. Innovating with Java), Java Developer Newsletter, or Java Magazine.

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