Accelerate Integration with your Cloud, On-Premise and Legacy Applications with Oracle Integration Adapters.

Oracle Integration Adapters provides a critical foundation for the Product, providing a Unified Connectivity Architecture, facilitating integration of information from several on-premise, legacy and cloud based applications and systems into a Service Oriented Architecture.They enables creation of Reusable service assets that publish to and extract information from disparate Cloud and On-Premise Applications such as or Oracle E-Business Suite to simple but key technology assets such as FTP Servers or Databases. Oracle Integration Adapters facilitate an Integration and Extension Platform for your Applications.

Adapters Conncetivity

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Oracle Cloud Adapter for Available!

Accelerate and Simplify your Salesforce Integration

Organizations need to be able to quickly, easily and efficiently integrate their on-premises business applications with new Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud applications. Addressing this challenge without the complexity of adding a disparate niche cloud integration platform has been a concern. With the introduction of the first Oracle Cloud Adapter, Oracle Cloud Adapter for, Oracle has delivered a single integration platform to unify cloud and on-premises applications.



Depending on the Applications and Systems being integrated, Adapters are broadly classified into the following categories.

Cloud Adapters

Cloud Adapters aim at simplifying and accelerating integration with your SaaS Applications. Oracle Cloud Adapter for that was just announced as GA is first in a series of Cloud Adapters that will be released on top of Oracle SOA Suite. These adapters provide value to your integrations in three dimensions namely lower costs of implementation/maintenance, improved developer productivity & ease of use, and faster time-to-market.

Cloud Adapters Catalog
  • Oracle Cloud Adapter for

Enterprise Application Adapters

Oracle Integration Adapters help accelerate integration with your on-premise ERP systems and enterprise applications such as E-Business Suite, SAP, Siebel and J.D.Edwards through it's catalog of Enterprise Adapter Adapters.All of these adapters are standards-based industrial strength components with rich design-time introspection capabilities.

Enterprise Application Adapter Catalog
  • Oracle Adapter for J.D.Edwards OneWorld
  • Oracle Adapter for PeopleSoft
  • Oracle Adapter for SAP R/3 (SAP JCo 3.0)
  • Oracle Adapter for Siebel

Mainframe and CDC Adapters

The Mainframe and CDC Adapters provide real-time connectivity and integration with legacy and transaction-Processing systems such as IMS, CICS, VSAM or Tuxedo. It also integrates enables performing changed data capture from legacy/mainframe and other popular data sources such as Adabas, DB2, SQL Server or IMB/DB.

Mainframe and CDC Adapters Catalog
  • Oracle® Application Server Adapters for IMS/TM
  • Oracle® Application Server Adapters for IMS/DB
  • Oracle® Application Server Adapters for CICS
  • Oracle® Application Server Adapters for VSAM
  • Oracle® Application Server Adapters for Tuxedo
  • Oracle® Application Server CDC Adapters for IMS/DB
  • Oracle® Application Server CDC Adapters for VSAM
  • Oracle® Application Server CDC Adapters for Adabas
  • Oracle® Application Server CDC Adapters for DB2
  • Oracle® Application Server CDC Adapters for SQL Server

Technology Adapters

Technology Adapters are one of the most popular and heavily employed mechanisms to integrate with several enterprise and home-grown applications with minimal investment and extreme ease of use and maintenance. These category of adapters enable bidirectional integration with data sources such as File/FTP, Databsaes, JMS Destinations, Sockets etc and several more.

Technology Adapters Catalog
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Files
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for FTP
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Database
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for AQ
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for MQ
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for UMS
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Socket

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