Oracle B2B 10g
For an enterprise to extend business processes to its trading partners requires a well-defined architecture that addresses compliance, security, visibility, scalability, and standards. The Oracle SOA Suite provides this platform, enabling process orchestration, administration, monitoring, inter-enterprise connectivity and more. As an integral part of this architecture, Oracle B2B enables an enterprise to define, configure, manage, and monitor the exchange of information, electronically, with its trading partners.

Getting Started

Data Sheets
 Oracle B2B
 Oracle B2B: ebXML Adapter
 Oracle B2B: EDI Adapter
 Oracle B2B: Healthcare Adapter
 Oracle B2B: RosettaNet Adapter

Learning More
 Oracle B2B Developer Resources
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 B2B / SOA Suite Installation: Best Practices
 Oracle B2B Technical Presentation
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Oracle B2B JAVA Callout API Documentation
 Oracle B2B Instance Message API Documentation
 Working with dynamic xPath queries, custom xPath functions and xsd:anyType
 Glossary of Terms