Oracle Business Activity Monitoring FAQ



  11g Installation & Availability
  10g to 11g Upgrade
  Integration with Other Technologies


11g Installation & Availability

Q: When will BAM 11g ( be available?
Oracle BAM 11g ( was announced as part of the Fusion Middleware Release 11g and is available for download beginning on July 1, 2009. The delivery mechanism for Oracle BAM 11g is through the Oracle SOA Suite integrated installer, available on the Oracle Technology Network.
Q: Is Oracle BAM 11g available separately?
Oracle BAM 11g ( is sold as a component of the Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM Suite or Oracle EDA Suite. There are many benefits to using Oracle BAM in conjunction with other Oracle software components, but Oracle BAM is not limited to only Oracle sources and it is common for Oracle BAM to integrate mutliple Oracle and non-Oracle event and data sources in a single implementation. Oracle BAM is delivered and can be downloaded only through the Oracle SOA Suite integrated installer. Customers choosing only to install Oracle BAM as a stand-alone implementation, are given the option to do so during the Oracle SOA Suite installation process. Users are automatically prompted to select the components which they wish to install and can select only Oracle BAM, if desired.
Q: Does Oracle BAM 11g run on Java?
Yes, Oracle BAM 11g is 100% Java and runs on OS and Java Enterprise Edition application servers that are supported by the Oracle SOA Suite.
Q: Do I still need Microsoft IE for Oracle BAM? What if I am using other browsers?
In Oracle BAM 11g we are introducing a new product feature in preview mode that allows for the use of Oracle BAM as a back-end server to Web Pages created through the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). This feature enables end-users to access content provided by Oracle BAM through any browser supported by the Oracle ADF product. However, this is a preview feature in the Oracle BAM 11g R1 ( timeframe. This will be a production-supported feature until the BAM 11g R1 patchset, following the initial release. All Oracle BAM Web Applications in 11g R1 (, including Active Viewer, Active Studio, Architect, and Administrator still require a Microsoft IE browser. These applications have not changed significantly in functionality with the 11g release, which has ensured ease of adoption for those customers who are already familiar with these applications in Oracle BAM 10g. If you are an Oracle BAM 10g user you will see virtually no difference and no additional learning curve in moving from Oracle BAM Web Applications 10g to Oracl BAM Web Applications 11g.

10g to 11g Upgrade

Q: I am using SOA/BPEL 10g, Can I use BAM 11g without upgrading my SOA 10g installation??
Yes. SOA/BPEL10g is compatible with Oracle BAM 11g. If you have not used Oracle BAM before then you should start with Oracle BAM 11g. If you use Oracle BAM 10g, you can upgrade your Oracle BAM deployment to 11g. It will continue to work with SOA/BPEL 10g. There is an upgrade utility packaged as part of the Oracle BAM 11g installation to provide a seamless upgrade of your Oracle BAM 10g metadata to Oracle BAM 11g. Please see the Oracle BAM 11g documentation for details.
Q: Why should I upgrade to BAM 11g??
Besides large number of fixes and performance improvements, there are number of other features have been added. These are listed below:
- BAM Server Platform: 100% Java, Multi-platform support, Multi-OS support
- Security: Integrated with Weblogic Security Provider and Oracle Identity Mgmt suite
- Monitoring: Application configuration and monitoring via Fusion Middleware Console
- Enhanced Usability:
- Excel 2007 support
- ADF/DVT Controls views with BAM Data Control (Preview in 11g, generally available in patchset1)
- User Interface for a business user to take actions. Invoke BPEL processes and any web services directly from Oracle BAM Alerts and Dashboards
- Performance and Scalability: Faster report load time and real-time update, Improved batching, DB RAC support
- Interoperability: A first-class component of Oracle SOA Suite, tightly integrated through new BAM Adapter available in the SOA Assembly Editor. BAM Adapter can be used as a partner link in a BPEL process as well.
- Data Source Integration:
o Oracle Data Integrator available with BAM Knowledge Modules
o Integration with External data tables via External Data Objects includes OBIEE
o Enhanced BPEL-BAM sensor framework; Communicate over RMI or SOAP
o Backward compatible with BPEL PM 10g
o Enhanced Web Services APIs
- JMS Connectivity: Supports direct JMS Connectivity and allows XSL transformation
- Installation and upgrade: Integrated with Oracle Universal Installer, Automated upgrade assistant available for existing BAM install
- Internationalization and Localization: Improved support for Localization and Internationalization for BAM Web Applications

Integration with Other Technologies

Q: Are all BAM dashboards and reports available as webpages?
Yes, all BAM dashboards and reports can be viewed directly as webpages without ActiveViewer. To get the URL for the report, see ActiveStudio- select report – copy shortcut URL.
Q: How can BAM dashboards and reports be included in a portal?
All BAM dashboards can be referenced using a URL, these can be embedded in other portals and webpages as iFrames.