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Oracle Beehive RESTful Web Services consists of APIs that enable you to develop Web applications. These APIs are implemented with the principals of REST, Representational State Transfer:

  • API URLs point to the resource being used rather than a generic method endpoint.

  • Requests use standard HTTP verbs for simplified CRUD methods: Create, POST; Retrieve, GET; Update, PUT; and Delete, DELETE. Standard HTTP verbs are used for other methods such as Read Batch, Delete Batch, and Lock (POST).

  • Create and Update data is sent as a POST body (JSON and XML).

  • Every request returns a projection of the representation of the object created, updated, or retrieved. (A projection is a defined subset of a particular representation's data members.)

How do I start?

  1. Check out our tutorials.
  2. Read the documentation to learn more.
  3. Post your questions to the forum.

For more Oracle Beehive technical information, visit the main Oracle Beehive page.


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